Legendary Perfection
Firearms Manufacturing Heritage
E&L Essential Series
The E&L “Essential” Line is designed to preserve the legendary AK quality of E&L, while at the same time offering a lower point of entry for consumers - maintaining all the features that allowed E&L products to be the most realistic Airsoft replica manufacturer among others -- made of 100% steel, realistic appearance, authentic construction, perfectly fitted components and solid gearbox. Improved internal and finish brings practical performance of Essential Series to Gen 2 Platinum series level, standard V3 gearbox design ensures compatibility with most aftermarket components.

"Legendary Perfection" is the brand slogan of E&L Airsoft. Emei & Landarms spawned as a sect of specialty products division from Emei factory, a Chinese firearm manufacture with an illustrious history that can be dated back to 1890. As such, every E&L airsoft replica inherits its DNA from over a century of firearm production knowledge, experience, and design. From steal stamping to machined steel components, E&L Airsoft replicas seek to utilize as much real firearm technology and materials as possible. Throughout the years, E&L has garnered great following from airsoft enthusiasts who values realistic construction as well as performance, usability, and durability. Going forward E&L seeks to improve value, internal construction, and modern electronics to bring even more competitive replicas to the market.
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